Monday, March 19, 2012

Requiem for Robert

Requiem for Robert was written by Dr. George A. Hays after the loss of his newborn  on March 2, 1963. Dr. Hays was very active in his community, charitable work  and even completed mission work in Guatemala.  George passed away in 1989.

After 31 years of teaching, the Kingsburg Elementary School’s library was named after Mrs. Hays, the Carolyn Hinton Hays Media Center. Mrs. Hays currently resides in Memphis, TN and allowed Share to publish the following several decades after the death of their son.

Little one, so sweet in sleep
Rest, though mother’s arms
Entwine you not.
Yours was a life so brief,
Its silver whiteness, like a lightning flash
Across an ocean’s sweep
Was a blaze of purity
In a worldly storm.

Poor weary traveler! The light
That still remains upon your face
There in death, is like the echo
Of palest moonlight, cool and gentle.
Like a little doll you wait
The tender warmth of an embrace,
The sunshine of a mother’s face!

Wait you there in peace, beloved son.
Our cries are but the antiphon
Of love, The song of eventide
That broke upon the dawn of your short life
Now mocks us while we grieve.
The candle’s snuffed, but one wee ember
Glows afar. Oh, Cherub, our love
Must warm you through an endless night.
Our eyes are fixed upon a tiny light
From yonder star!

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