Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Our Precious Maria

By: Laura Lumetta 

Maria Grace Lumetta was stillborn on December 19, 2011. The loss of our precious Maria was felt by not only my husband and I, but also by the eight siblings she left behind. Our children mourned in various ways. Some drew pictures, some wrote letters, and one daughter crocheted identical blankets. One of the blankets I held Maria in at the hospital and now keep in a special place, and the other blanket was wrapped around Maria before she was placed in the casket. 

The following is a poem that another daughter, Carolina (age 13 at the time), wrote for Maria. This poem was framed and displayed at the memorial service. 

You were a blessing, a joy, 
The first moment we heard of you. 
You were loved from the start 
By everyone around you. 

You were a sweet creation of God, 
And He gave you a family to live in. 
How anyone could love you more 
I just can't imagine. 

You were a light, an example, 
Changing your whole family. 
We saw you and thought, 
“She will live very happily.” 

You had brothers galore, 
Sisters and parents who loved you. 
You had uncles, aunts, and cousins, 
And grandparents, too. 

Yet, you were called to God. 
He wanted His sweet creation with Him. 
You are with Jesus now. 
You are in Heaven with Him. 

We all mourn you. 
We wanted you to stay. 
But if God wants you more, 
How could we keep you away? 

God, take care of her please, 
In Your warm embrace. 
We know she delights in you, 
Seeing Your wonderful face. 

Maria, we miss you dearly. 
We still love you in ev'ry way. 
We will see you again soon 
Up there in Heaven someday. 

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Very sweet. Love to you all.

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