Monday, December 9, 2013

Research: Social Work's Role in Prenatal Diagnosis and Genetic Services: Current Practice and Future Potential


Although the development of sophisticated technologies associated with prenatal testing processes have assisted in the practice of prenatal diagnosis, limited attention has been given to the complexities surrounding the decision-making processes for pregnant women following a poor or fatal diagnosis. An emerging international body of knowledge suggests that the process of having prenatal testing and then deciding on whether to continue a wanted pregnancy is often difficult and traumatic. In the last 50 years, social workers have played an invaluable role in the provision of holistic counselling and support for children and families in a range of areas and contexts. This paper highlights the unique contributions that social workers can bring to the field of prenatal testing. It emphasises the consideration of strengths and values inherent within social work practice that provides appropriate and timely support for women who have received a poor or fatal diagnosis following prenatal testing.

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