Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sandy Hook Tragedy Sees Ray of Hope

Here is a touching story...

As the tragedy of Sandy Hook struck last year, Share wanted to show our compassion and support to the families and communities who lost their children. The National Share office mailed boxes of Richard Evans' Christmas Box book to Newtown and Sandy Hook families.

We recently received a note from the Sandy Hook Angel of Hope coordinator and the books were "distributed to Newtown and Sandy Hook families. It took a while but they got to places where people really appreciated them. Also the Angel of Hope is at her home at St. Rose of Lima Parish since the beginning of November. She is so beautiful and gives a sense of comfort, peace and hope. She is situated on a landscaped garden across from the elementary school where the children, the staff and parents walk pass her every day. The Angel is at an angle that seems no matter where you are, she is looking at you."

The Angel statue was completed at a perfect time, to provide a place to visit around the anniversary of the tragedy and also to come together for the the Angel of Hope Candlelight Vigil that took place on Dec. 6th nationwide.

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